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14 Must-Have Products For People With Chronic Pain

If you have a chronic pain disorder like Fibromyalgia, you’ve definitely spent time searching for products that help ease pain. Here is a guide of 20 must-have products for people with chronic pain.

As many as 6 to 12 million Americans have Fibromyalgia. That number doesn’t even include non-fibromyalgia chronic pain sufferers.

Dealing with chronic pain for more than half a decade myself, I’ve found there are some products designed to help people with chronic pain that are pretty much life-changing.

Admittedly, that sounds a little dramatic. And maybe it is. But I can say at least 4 items on this list substantially improve my day-to-day life.

If you’re looking for a gadget that helps with pain, a tool to make life with chronic pain easier, a gift for someone with chronic pain, I hope you find something useful here.

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Relieve Chronic Pain

HiDow TENS Unit

If you’ve never heard of it, a TENS unit is a high-frequency transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine. That sounds terrifying, I know!

But these little units look somewhat like an iPod with 2 or 4 wires leading to sticky pads. You place the pads on painful points on your body. The unit then sends pulses to the pad that feel like a massage or a twitch in the muscle.

Additionally, a least one study has shown TENS units are very successful in reducing pain in fibromyalgia patients.

This particular ten has 12 different settings and 20 intensity levels! I find that lower settings (2 through 5) are suitable for someone with Fibromyalgia. My husband, without a chronic pain disorder, uses 12-15. That should give you an idea of the variation in intensity levels.

The HiDow company has a range of available accessories including different pad shapes and sizes, wraps for different joints (knee, neck, elbow, back), slippers, and gloves that all attach to the unit.

I also find the battery life is amazing and the accessories are reasonably priced. My husband and I both own and love the slippers.

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Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

If you’re anything like me, a good 25-30 percent of your fibromyalgia pain is located in the neck and shoulders.

That doesn’t even take into account the migraines that originate here or the stress and anxiety that build up in this region.

Enter this awesome product.

I’ve used stick-on heating pads and microwaveable options.

These aren’t even in the same realm as this heating pad for effectiveness in pain relief.

They don’t compare because…

It doesn’t have to be microwaved. It’s also more evenly and controllably warmed than alternatives. And has an option for an extra-large size, if needed.

If you need any more reason to spring for this: it has great reviews, it’s super soft and very reasonably priced.

Marquess Heated Blanket

Ok, I’m going to be straight-up with you.

There are cheaper options than this blanket.

But you will find that in the world of heated blankets, you get what you pay for.

Here is what this blanket offers that cheaper versions do not:

  • It will work for more than 6 months
  • It is thick enough to not feel the heating elements as much
  • A longer cord on the controllers (15 ft versus the standard 6)
  • Machine washable and will continue to work
  • Built in auto shut-off based on time AND temperature
  • It gets noticeably warm (hot) instead of lukewarm

The funny thing about life is, cold temperatures return every year. And every year the cold increases pain for people with chronic pain. With this blanket on your bed or couch, you’ll find that the cold doesn’t bother you as much.

It’s 100% worth the money you pay for it.

Snailax Massage and Heating Chair Pad

Ok soooo…

Massage – check

Heating – check

Seated – check

This product combines three of my favorite things for pain control!

If you haven’t seen the trend in this post, you should know that heat to treat pain is hugely beneficial!

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And this pad has a few functions that are perfect for chronic pain, particularly chronic back pain.

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You can set the back massaging ‘nodes’ to focus on your full back, upper back, mid-back, or lower back.

Important for Fibromyalgia patients, the chair has a flap that comes down if you find the intensity is too much. It acts as extra padding between your back and the nodes.

It also fits in office chairs, if you find your back pain makes it hard to work. Personally, I think a good back massage on the couch in the evening is hard to beat!

AngQi Full Body Pillow

Ignore the pregnant woman.

It just so happens that one of the best things you can do to control pain when you sleep is to use a full-body pillow. And most full-body pillows are for pregnant women.

So, that leads us here.

With a picture of a pregnant lady in a list about chronic pain.

But the amazing thing about these pillows is how useful they are. They help support your body when sleeping so your muscles can more fully relax.

They also keep your spine aligned which helps with neck and back pain.

Side sleepers will find this pillow helps with sleep-related shoulder pain.

I could go on and on. One thing to like about this particular brand is they offer different sizes and material types. Personally, I opt for a jersey because it breathes better. But you might find that the velour is softer and not as harsh on your skin.

Either way, this pillow is perfect to help you reduce pain while sleeping.

Maxtid Weighted Blanket

I can tell you from personal experience, there is something magical about weighted blankets.

The extra weight seems like it would be uncomfortable, but it actually decreases pain and helps improve mental health. Many studies indicate that weighted blankets help fibromyalgia patients tremendously.

“By applying gentle pressure, a weighted blanket actually mimics therapeutic massage known as deep pressure touch stimulation. This firm pressure relaxes the nervous system and ‘triggers a chain reaction in the body that releases an overall sense of calm and peace.’”

I have relied heavily on layering blankets to achieve the weighted blanket effect, but this option leaves much to be desired. First, you need approximately 15-30lbs of weight to feel the full effect. Also, layering blankets is extremely hot!

That’s where an actual weighted blanket comes in. They come in different weights and bead varieties. I’m partial to this blanket because the beads are not glass.

It also comes in a lot of different size/weight options!

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Make Life With Chronic Illness Easier

e-Pill Medication Organizer and Alarm Clock

Did someone say brain fog?

Because if you deal with memory problems from brain fog, this organizer is perfect!

I can tell you from experience, remembering to take medications with fibro fog is a pain. And a gamble!

These organizers are amazing because they are designed to hold pills for 4 different timers per day. You can also schedule the alarm to tell you it’s time to take your medicine or supplements.

What I REALLY love about this organizer, though, is that each day’s pills are removable. You can carry your alarm and that day’s pills in your purse instead of hauling the whole thing around.

There are much more expensive options out there. But unless you’re planning on spending more than $500, the features on this one make it perfect for ease of use and reminders to take medication.

Sinceller Electronic Jar Opener

Raise your hand if you struggle opening jars.

It’s almost laughable (if it weren’t just sad) how much strength I’ve lost since developing Fibromyalgia.

I happen to have a handy husband, but if you don’t – or don’t want to bother asking – this is an excellent alternative!

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Because it’s electronic, you don’t have to do any spinning at all.

Just put the opener on the lid, turn it on, and the job is done for you.

This is great for people with arthritis, weak hands, or pain in their hands or wrists.

It runs on a battery so there is no need to plug it in.

Echo Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of Alexa. But in case you haven’t, Alexa is the Amazon virtual assistant. It’s their answer to Siri. And it comes in a handy speaker that you can operate hands-free.

Additionally, it’s compatible with a whole host of smart-home technology.

In other words, it’s perfect for chronic illness flares or high pain days when you aren’t able to move around easily.

I had previously thought of it as a tool for my niece to drive her parents nuts with. Two thumbs up for that, by the way. But seeing it in action has given me a totally different perspective.

If you need to play music or relaxing sounds you can without having to use anything but your voice.

If you need an answer to a question, Alexa can probably help.

Perhaps you’ve made a doctor’s appointment and want to add it to your calendar. Alexa can manage your calendar and contacts.

Also, if you invest in smart home technology, Alexa can turn on/off lights, adjust your thermostat, lock your doors, etc.

Basically, short of having an actual person in your house with you, Alexa can help you handle a lot of tasks. And even tell you a joke if you need a laugh!

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Moclever Laptop Stand

Anyone who has been stuck in bed or on the couch with chronic pain knows that you need some way to entertain yourself.

A lot of times, that comes through electronics like a laptop, journaling, or coloring.

This laptop stand is perfect for those things.

It’s adjustable, foldable, and breathable if you put a laptop on it. (All the best -ables) It also has built-in USB ports for your various electronics.

It also has a tiltable top for books.

Some of these stands can be flimsy but this isn’t one of them. It is incredibly well-priced for the quality.

Amazon Home Services

Ok, I admit it… this is not a product.

But I HAD NO IDEA this even existed a few months ago. I think it’s absolutely the greatest thing Amazon has done in recent years.

Through this program, you can ‘order’ services like deep cleaning, gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. Amazon coordinates this for you and sometimes even offers coupon codes.

They use local service providers, which is amazing because I hate to see so much money leaving local economies.

The list of services available is huge!

Imagine how great it would be, as someone already dealing with a load of pain, to have someone help with yard work. Or furniture assembly. And all you have to do is answer 2 or 3 questions and it gets coordinated for you!

Even better, there is an extra ‘happiness guarantee’ through Amazon. If you’re having problems with the provider, you get the power of Amazon to help deal with it!

There is basically nothing I don’t like about this. It is such a stress relief to know I can get help in some of these areas if I need to!

Products To Improve Mental Health With Chronic Pain

Studio Oh! Guided Journal

I know how mentally taxing chronic pain can be. The impact of Fibromyalgia on mental health is well-recorded. The same is true for any other chronic pain condition.

Getting your thoughts on paper can be tremendously helpful for people suffering from anxiety and depression.

Basically, any journal will do that.


This is an adorable little journal that guides you through ‘positivity and fresh perspective’ prompts. And if there’s anything you need when you’re stuck in an endless loop of pain, it’s positivity and a fresh perspective.

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It’s hardcover, beautiful, and useful. And an amazing price!

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Adult Coloring Book

This is another excellent option for those times when you’re stuck in your house during a flare. Or when you’re feeling particularly stressed.

It’s great for beginner colorers – or those who haven’t colored since childhood – or advanced artists.

It may seem usual, but take a chance on this stress-relieving activity. It can work wonders for chronic pain sufferers.

Rocky Mountain Oils – Tranquility Blend

There is a lot of debate among… well…everyone about essential oils. I was absolutely uncertain until we started using them for my stepdaughters.

And I can say 100% that they worked for them and have since worked wonders for me.

So science or not, I think anything is worth a shot when you’re suffering from pain and looking for relief.

And you don’t need to go to one of those multi-level marketing companies, either. Rocky Mountain Oils is my trusted go-to for oils and their quality is unbeatable. Their blends are also better scented than other brands we’ve tried.

This tranquility blend packs a double-punch, so to speak, in that it helps with sleep and mood. It is a mix of orange, tangerine, patchouli, lime, blue tansy, ylang-ylang, lavender, and citronella.

The price is extremely reasonable compared to other oil brands and they even offer a subscription service. They ship for free (in the US) on any purchase over $25.

Rounding It Up

Pain sufferers have a unique perspective on life and need unique help in getting through their day.

If you are looking for products to help with chronic pain, this guide should prove invaluable to you.

Alternately, if you’re looking for a gift for a loved one with chronic pain, there are a variety of price points here that you can work with.

Every product on this page has received great reviews and/or been personally vetted by a chronic pain sufferer (myself).

Tell me what I’ve missed! What product do you use for your chronic pain that you can’t live without!

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